Exxon’s Disaster Relief

Exxon tries to put the Pegasus pipeline oil back underground where it came from and employs a time-honored cleanup technique pioneered by drunk guys. Watch

Exxon – Energy Everywhere

America’s oil industry is terribly misunderstood. When a lot of people hear “364 pipeline spills in 2012” they think it’s a big mess, like a

A Crude Awakening – The Oil Crash (2006)

An award-winning documentary film about peak oil. A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash explores key historical events, data and predictions regarding the global peak in petroleum production through

Crude – The Incredible Journey Of Oil (2007)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJnNNBX4NTw This excellent documentary, directed by Dr. Richard Smith, was first broadcast on 24 May 2007 by ABC TV (Australia) and wan the 2008 Walter

Crude Impact (2006)

An examination of the interconnection of human domination of the planet and the use of petroleum, and offers solutions for how we can stop our

Frontline: Heat (2008)

FRONTLINE Episode: HEAT A far-reaching investigation into America’s energy landscape and what can be done to save our planet – and what it will take.