Australia Heatwave Threatens Blackouts may Shatter 130yrs Record Australia Record Heat 2017 Heatwave health alert issued for southern Tasmania as 130yo record set to fall. Power plant failures push Victoria’s

Tremblay: Projected Future Arctic Sea Ice Extent Bruno Tremblay from McGill University speaks about projections for future sea ice extent. This video is part of a panel presentation published by Earth

Francis: A Trigger for Rapid Arctic Warming

Jennifer Francis from Rutgers University speaks about our atmosphere with a scope on the Arctic response to climate change and the connection to weather. This

The 936 PPM CO2 NASA Model Prediction

This NASA visualization is based on the latest IPCC report, and uses the business as usual scenario, where carbon dioxide concentrations rise to 936 parts

Why is offshore wind suddenly so cheap? price of offshore wind has dropped by 50% in two years in the UK – we asked the head of renewables at Scottish Power

Super Flash Flood Hits Greece (Footage Compilation) least 15 people are dead and a dozen injured after overnight downpours caused sudden and catastrophic flooding in cities outside Athens, according to Reuters.