Daniel L. Albritton (NOAA) explains 1988 the Greenhouse Effect

On June 29th, 1988, the House Science, Space and Technology subcommittees held a joint hearing on the threat of global warming. Here the segment of Daniel L. Albritton’s (Director Aeronomy Laboratory NOAA) statement. Current Drought and Global Warming https://www.c-span.org/video/?3246-1/current-drought-global-warming D. L. Albritton’s research https://www.researchgate.net/scientific-contributions/76163582_D_L_Albritton Watch from this hearing

Jim Anderson: Feedbacks that Set the Time Scale for Irreversible Change

Climate Science Breakfast with James Anderson (2016). EPS/SEAS Climate Science Breakfast: “Coupled Feedbacks in the Climate Structure That Set the Time Scale for Irreversible Change: Arctic Isotopes to Stratospheric Radicals” with James Anderson, Philip S. Weld Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry, Harvard University. Harvard on Climate Change https://www.harvard.edu/tackling-climate-change

China vs U.S. Rising Global Greenhouse Emissions in 2018

A brief outline of CO2 emissions, based on global trends, with a focus on China by Zeke Hausfather (Berkeley) and U.S. CO2 emissions by Trevor Houser (Rhodium Group), as well as an outline on reductions by Drew Shindell about various emissions, including SLCP’s (Short Lived Climate Pollutants). Sources: Global release of greenhouse gases has increased…

Extreme December Weather Footage Australia, U.S., Russia, Phillipines

NSW Hail Storm: The worst hail storm in 20 years lashed Sydney last night. https://twitter.com/7NewsSydney/status/1075824292934213632 Heatwave conditions are being experienced across large parts of the country. Temperatures peaked at 49.1°C at Marble Bar (WA). Heatwave conditions occur when both maximum and minimum temperatures remain well above average for the time of year http://ow.ly/sQDo30n6Ur5 https://twitter.com/BOM_au/status/107817815381690368 South…

Aliens? Part of Meteor transmits Earth Message

NASA just confirmed that asteroid Oumuamua broke apart, and a smaller meteorite was injected into Earth orbit! Remains found at the impact site near San Francisco included a small capsule. The capsule, or device continuously transmits the following message, oddly enough obtained from Earth. Watch the full talk from Stefan Rahmstorf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=io3FI-PLCXA Meteor footage https://twitter.com/amsmeteors/status/1075709900330811393…