Man captures Dramatic Flooding from Hurricane Lane

Hurricane Lane churns toward Hawaii, Big Island has already seen over 31 inches of rain

Hothouse Earth Researchers explain Climate Threshold

Earth Could Spiral Into A ‘Hothouse’ State Even If We Reduce CO2 Emissions, Warns New Report Read the study paper The Climate State

Trends in Hurricane Activity (2018)

Tropical cyclones, which are called hurricanes in the Atlantic, are one of the most destructive weather phenomena. This presentation will explore the links between climate

Gulf Stream Slowdown may lead to hotter European summer

Collapse of the Atlantic Ocean heat transport might lead to hot European summers Related Warm summers during the Younger Dryas cold reversal

Powerful Storm Footage Boston Nor’easter

Nor’easter Grounds Flights, Halts Trains and Floods Boston

BombCyclone #Footage early January 4th 2018

Footage of Bombcyclone Grayson during the early morning hours, from New Jersey. Climate scientist Jim Hansen on winter superstorms