Global Warming Explained in 1956

Published in 1956 for American television by the California Academy of Sciences. Bernard Hubbard explains how glaciers retreat, he mentions how since 1857 glaciers recede

Is Antarctic Ice Sheet Disintegrating? (1990)

Discover Barclay Kamb’s 1990 talk on Antarctic ice sheets and disintegration potentials, a fascinating insight into our understanding at the time. Watch the video on dailymotion and read the PDF at

Extinction Events in Earth History and Today

Flood basalts and mass extinctions – ancient hyperthermals as analogs for anthropogenic climate change.  Oceanic Anoxic Event (OAE) and mass extinctions are considered to be hyperthermals

Seismicity and Climate Change (2019)

Climate change and seismicity, read the study excerpt, Enhanced Seismic Activity Observed in Alaska Due To Climate Change. Sources Related