Expert asks, can we control the climate crisis in time? Stefan Rahmstorf speaks at the 2017 Bonn climate conference, explaining the basics of global climate change, and outlines our current emissions pathway – asking

What it takes to limit Climate to 2C

How steep emissions reduction get, in order to limit global warming to two degrees celsius, visualized by Carbon Brief. Graph by Zeke Hausfather and animation

The 936 PPM CO2 NASA Model Prediction

This NASA visualization is based on the latest IPCC report, and uses the business as usual scenario, where carbon dioxide concentrations rise to 936 parts

Sen. Jeff Merkley destroys Trump EPA pick

WILLIAM WEHRUM IS the Trump administration’s pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Air and Radiation. More Clueless Climate Deniers

Miriam Jones: Permafrost thaw dynamics & implication

Miriam Jones speaks at the Permafrost Collaboration Team Meeting, October 10, 2017. RelatedBølling-Allerød warming