Study: CO2 today enough to raise sea level by 20M

An international team of scientists, from Texas A&M University, the University of Southampton and the Swiss University ETH Zürich, led by the University of St Andrews, published their findings in the

Extinction Events in Earth History and Today

Flood basalts and mass extinctions – ancient hyperthermals as analogs for anthropogenic climate change.  Oceanic Anoxic Event (OAE) and mass extinctions are considered to be hyperthermals

Unexpected Boost of Methane, Permafrost is Warming at a Global Scale

Rapid changes in the long-frozen soil are raising concerns about a surge of planet-warming greenhouse gases as the permafrost thaws. SOURCES Permafrost is warming

Hacking Ecology (2018)

Chaos Computer Congress 2018 / 35C3, How Data Scientists can help to avoid a sixth global extinction As humans have a large negative impact on