Ocean Heat Content

Oceanic heat content (OHC) is the heat stored in the ocean. Oceanography and climatology are the science branches which study ocean heat content. The changes in the ocean heat play

IPCC Report AR5 September 2013

On September 27 2013 the IPCC released the WG1 report of the IPCC AR5 assessment. UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon addressed the IPCC at Stockholm on 27

Plant Productivity Reduction with Climate Change

NASA: Drought Drives Decade-Long Decline in Plant Growth published 08.19.10 by Kathryn Hansen | SourceEarth has done an ecological about-face: Global plant productivity that once

Climate Sensitivity in the Anthropocene

Video: Dr. Kevin Trenberth explains general climate sensitivity on Earth. Study: Climate sensitivity in the Anthropocene M. Previdi, B. G. Liepert, D. Peteet, J. Hansen,