“What the Frack” music video by the Earth Guardians

Check it Out! Newly released ~ “WHAT THE FRACK” music video! A huge thank you to Musa at Black Sun Cinema for this artistic creation with these young leaders, educating the world through music about the dangers of Fracking!   Related My generation does give a damn about climate change, says 14-year-old activist http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/jun/11/my-generation-does-give-a-damn-about-climate-change-says-14-year-old-activist

Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye. Epic Rap Battles of History

Science in music, watch/listen to Sir Isaac Newton against Bill Nye! Indeed epic, and don’t miss out on more epic rap music videos, visit the official Epic Rap Battles YouTube channel for more! Download This Song: ►http://bit.ly/1qj97L1◄ You can also download the free Epic Rap Battles App for your mobile: iPhone ► http://erb.fm/cr iPad ► http://erb.fm/ao Android ► http://erb.fm/fk

Rap News: The Energy Crisis!

Published on Feb 27, 2014: RAP NEWS 22 [S02:E02]. Like many others who preceded us, our “civilisation” faces an Energy Crisis of megawattic proportions, which threatens to bring an end to our brief joyride. But our dirty little secret is seldom mentioned in the news, let alone connected to economic instability or to environmental effects on…