Chris is covering the climate since around 2010, and is a regular author at Climate State. He also produced most of our video content.

Boom: North America’s Explosive Oil-by-Rail Problem

The Weather Channel and InsideClimate News teamed up to investigate the problem of exploding railcars in “Boom: America’s Explosive Oil-by-Rail Problem.” The documentary accompanies an investigation by reporters Marcus Stern and Sebastian Jones, who explain why federal regulations to protect the public have been stalled by the railroads and the oil industry. Read the full…

Extreme Realities: Preview

The George Washington University: Over the past year, the defense and intelligence communities have issued a slew of reports making it clear that climate change is here and having real impacts on national security. Narrated by Matt Damon, Extreme Realities focuses on recent political conflicts and severe weather events throughout the world. The film will…

ScienceCasts: Climate Change and the Yin-Yang of Polar Sea Ice

Arctic and Antarctic sea ice are both affected by climate change, but the two poles of Earth are behaving in intriguingly different ways. Visit for more. Why Increasing Antarctic Sea Ice Doesn’t Mean Climate Change Isn’t Happening

Why I Care – Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle talks about why he cares about climate change and what he’s seen while working on this series. Subscribe to the Years of Living Dangerously channel for more clips: Official site:… The Years Project: Follow: Like: Watch on Showtime Anytime:

Natural Gas versus Coal Power Plants: Greenhouse gas warming

Ken Caldeira: We had a paper come out comparing effects of natural gas versus coal plants, aimed at understanding how much methane leakage there could be from natural gas before it caused more near-term warming than coal. The answer depends on how efficient the different power plants are, but one thing that is clear is…