Climate and Hurricanes 2016

Leading Atmospheric Scientists weigh-in on impacts of climate change on this year’s hurricane season and beyond.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Die Klimawandel Verharmloser

In den 90er Jahren hatte ich mal ein SPIEGEL Abo, mich interessierten die meist gut recherchierten Artikel, die Seriösität und Sachlichkeit, und die Experten kamen

What the BBC does not want you to know

Recently i posted about the zero tolerance stance of the BBC when it comes to important educational climate science How the BBC fights science and supports

Climate change and national security

Climate change and national security describes serious threats to the security and prosperity of countries, due to climate warming, and climate actions to adapt and

Record Low Arctic Sea Ice Maximum (2016)

2016 Arctic sea ice wintertime extent hits another record lowBy Maria-Jose Viñas, NASA’s Earth Science News Team Excerpt Arctic sea ice appears to have reached