Chris is covering the climate since around 2010, and is a regular author at Climate State. He also produced most of our video content.

Climate change 25 yrs ago explained by Isaac Asimov and Frederik Pohl

Back in 1991 Isaac Asimov and Frederik Pohl published a nonfiction book about global warming, the environment and the solutions – Our Angry Earth Listen to the segment on effects of global warming, based on the knowledge known 25 years ago. More info   You can watch the entire segment here

The Climate Spiral: Carbon budget, CO2 and Temperature since 1850

07/27/2016 – Global-mean temperatures are breaking one record after the other since instrumental observations began. Driven by burning of fossil fuels and deforestation, carbon dioxide concentrations have also soared to unprecedented levels. In fact, today’s CO2 concentrations are higher than they have ever been over the last 800 thousand years. Scientists from the Potsdam Institute…

Jerry Brown urges bold climate action @Democratic National Convention 2016

JULY 27, 2016 | CLIP OF DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION, DAY 3 | Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) spoke about combating global climate change. He criticized Donald Trump for not addressing climate change in his acceptance speech, saying “Trump says global warming is a hoax. I say Trump is a fraud.” Release via C-SPAN

Rated: Environmental and Climate issues in the 2016 Elections

Bernie Sanders noted recently at the Democratic National Convention: This election is about climate change, the greatest environmental crisis facing our planet. Here we take a look at the climate & environmental programs of the candidates for the November 2016 U.S. presidential elections (access date 27th July 2016). Rating is based on comparison of the different party…

What One Person Can Do About Climate Change | Ella Lagé | TEDxHamburg

Ella Lagé on “What One Person Can Do About Climate Change” at TEDxHamburg ( Ella grew up in Germany, Italy, the U.S. and Israel. At 17, she received the Bavarian Environmental Award for significantly lowering the water consumption of her home town. As part of Fossil Free Berlin, she is campaigning for the city of…

Ice sheet deglaciation and methane emissions, with the scope on Greenland’s melt season

On June 9 2016, Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, reached the warmest temperature ever recorded for the month of June anywhere on the island, 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit). An article from NSDIC, published June 22 elaborated on the broader situation: Surface melting on Greenland’s Ice Sheet proceeded at a brisk pace, with three…

Heat wave, air pollution, mortality, and adaptation, a quick look

While summer currently gears up, during exceptional continued record global warming, temperatures are set to reach the highest so far this summer in many parts of the northern hemisphere – within the next few day’s (Germany, U.S. etc). Here we look at the past 2003 heat wave and what attributed to excess deaths during that extensive heat period…

Wetterchaos in Deutschland Sommer 2016: Hagel, Fluten, Wirbelwinde

Was ist los mit unserem Wetter? Wochenlang richteten die beiden Tiefs „Elvira“ und „Friederike“ gewaltige Schäden an. Winzige Bäche wurden plötzlich zu reißenden Strömen. Mehrere Menschen starben, viele verloren ihre Existenz. Fast täglich bildeten sich neue Gewitterfronten, Tornados schlugen Schneisen der Verwüstung, Hagelstürme vernichteten Ernten. Sind die Unwetter unvermeidbare Naturkatastrophen oder Folgen des Klimawandels?