The Climate Warnings Films from the 1980s

Roger Revelles 1980 Discussion of CO2 and Climate Risks 1980 Walter Cronkite 1981 Warming Warning 1982 on CBS Evening News Michael MacCracken – 1982 Climate

Arctic Ocean Anomalies

‘Atlantification’ of Arctic sea tipping it towards new climate regime Scientists are keeping a close eye on the Beaufort Gyre In a Spin:

Extinction Events in Earth History and Today

Flood basalts and mass extinctions – ancient hyperthermals as analogs for anthropogenic climate change.  Oceanic Anoxic Event (OAE) and mass extinctions are considered to be hyperthermals


Electric car music video. MUSIC CREDITS Picknick in the Meadows by kb VIDEO CREDITS

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Why You should not use Epidemic Sound

Summary: Don’t use Epidemic Sound if you want your content shared as widly as possible, otherwise they will annoy content users with copyright claims –