Expert: Global Warming will now Accelerate

Published On: July 1, 2024

An Intimate Conversation with Leading Climate Scientists To Discuss Ground-breaking New Research on Global Warming

Ahead of the upcoming COP28, renowned climate scientist, Dr. James Hansen, and his co-authors present the novel findings of his new paper “Global Warming in the Pipeline.” Read the paper:

The event was moderated by Professor Jeffrey Sachs and features interventions by the following individuals:

  • Dr. James Hansen, Lead Author and Director, Climate Science, Awareness, and Solutions, Columbia University Earth Institute
  • Leon Simons, The Club of Rome Netherlands, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
  • Dr. Norman G. Loeb, CERES Principal Investigator, NASA -Dr. George Tselioudis, Author and Research Physical Scientist, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
  • Dr. Pushker Kharecha, Author and Associate Research Scientist, Director, Climate Science, Awareness, and Solutions, Columbia Climate School
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