Footage of Floods in Canada and China (May 2017)

Rainfall broke several records. Jiulongzhen broke the daily rainfall record for Guangzhou, while Xintangzhen broke the three-hour rainfall record for the province. Rivers in Huadu district saw the biggest flood in 20 years. Water overflew three dikes, damaging one of them

Carbon dioxide sources from Alaska driven by increasing early winter respiration from Arctic tundra

Persistent, steady rains soaking swaths of central and eastern Canada have created record precipitation levels triggering widespread flooding and put residents and governments on high alert.

Lake Ontario hits record level after ‘unbelievable’ amounts of rain

Here are the climate science benchmarks of the Quebec floods

Canada flood damage worsens but heavy rains subsiding

Trudeau says Ottawa ready to assist communities slammed by flooding, heavy rain

Maps show impact of flooding across Eastern Canada

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