How the BBC fights science and supports climate denial

Stunning: What the BBC doesn’t want you to know.

The BBC makes nice documentaries and good quality content. However, if you dare to use snippets of their science based content, upload those chunks to YouTube it will eventually result in a block of your content or a copyright violation. The BBC is actually very efficient with this process, resulting in a couple of videos which have been “claimed” by the BBC. The BBC doesn’t mess around! For instance a 2 minute segment (Release ) explaining the “Greenhouse Effect” has been blocked worldwide upon the request of the BBC. Such a pity, it was actually a very good explanation of the Greenhouse Effect, and it is unclear what gain the BBC gets from blocking a few seconds of climate science.

Even if you give full credits, the BBC has no mercy – blocking entire videos explaining stunningly integral parts of the climate system. Such a video release URL (Attention might be blocked in your country).

Another video (Release )  is a republished work of Peter Sinclair from Climate Crocks of the Week, featuring James Hansen, and how he explains critical history of the Earth geological epochs. Yes, Peter gave us permission to use his content. To bad Peter used a few seconds of the BBC, which resulted now again – in BBC trolling, threatening the integrity of the ClimateState YouTube channel, because i dared to post something scientific, with the intention to help people better understand climate change.

Result, BBC content (taxpayer funded) will be no longer featured.


Release Climate War & )


Or take this video about possible permafrost melt, the BBC claims 19 seconds — nineteen seconds (Release )


Or take this video for instance, about methane hydrates … (Release URL )

Blocked WORLDWIDE — seriously … tf


It is one thing to claim copyrights and monetize a video on YouTube, but it is entirely different to block content. Thus, the question is, who is responsible to block climate science in the name of the BBC?

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