Germany’s 4th Warmest Winter since 1881

Spiegel reports: Mit Winter hatten die vergangenen Monate nicht viel zu tun: Es gab viel Wind, Sonne satt, es war trocken und außergewöhnlich mild. Der

UK Hammered by Climate Fueled Storms

Peter Sinclair (ClimateCrocks) published a new video, covering the recent unprecedented flooding and storm onslaught in Britain. “RT:Floods making #climatesceptics hot under the collar

In South Florida: Rising Seas Sinking In

Peter Sinclair (ClimateCrocks) explains:  Local News reports make it clear that public officials, academics, every day people, and voters, are being confronted with the reality

CNN: Climate Change Is Not Debatable

Published on Feb 23, 2014: Dr. Michio Kaku and Jack Mirkinson on why the media continue to present human impact on climate change as questionable.

El Niño impacts

Find out how simple changes in ocean currents can lead to catastrophic weather conditions. Wikipedia: El Niño (/ɛlˈniːnjoʊ/, /-ˈnɪn-/, Spanish pronunciation: [el ˈniɲo]) is a