Extreme Weather (2013)

Interviews with the following climate scientists. Dr Erich Fischer, Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, ETH Dr Karl Braganza, Australian Bureau of Meteorology Dr Lisa Alexander, Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW Dr Susan Wijffels, Marine and Atmospheric Research, CSIRO Professor Jennifer Francis, Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University

Hydrology & Water Systems Grand Challenges at the Interface of Climate

Grand Challenges at the Interface of Climate, Hydrology and Water Systems AGU Chapman Conference on Communicating Climate Science: A Historic Look to the Future 08 June 2013 — 13 June 2013, Granby, CO, USA Presenter: Peter Gleick Sunday, June 9, 2013, 3:40 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Session: New and Bleeding Edge Topics in Climate Science…