BP study: Greenhouse emissions will rise by almost a third in the next 20 years

Fiona Harvey and Terry Macalister from The Guardian, report: Energy firm’s analysis finds switch to other fuels like shale gas will do little to cut carbon emissions In the UK, shale gas has received a boost from David Cameron, who vowed to go all out for shale by offering taxpayer-funded giveaways to companies. But the news that such a move will…

Climate Change Deniers can’t Spin the Truth!

Howard Brown, August 8 2013: In his book, “The Inquisition of Climate Science,” James Lawrence Powell takes a penetrating look at the subject of “my experts are smarter than yours.”

Powell has a Ph.D. in geochemistry and is a scientific and educational heavyweight. Opposition to climate change has reached a point where deniers cherry-pick fragmentary scientific points and use them to produce flawed or misleading arguments to “refute” the findings of reputable climate scientists.

Powell states, “One could go on rebutting each of the remaining denier arguments — and scientists have. But the pattern is the same: the deniers scavenge the work of legitimate scientists to find any discrepant result and, when they discover one, boast that ‘global warming was never a crisis.’ Scientists find new evidence that removes the discrepancy, or discover that it resulted from an error, which they correct, only to have the deniers go on repeating the discredited claim.”

Two cases in point involve Antarctic sea ice and ice ages. Climate deniers take fragmentary information and spin it misleadingly to claim that it demonstrates the reports of climate research scientists are in error or fraudulent. Fortunately, sea ice and ice ages, as reason to contradict climate science assertions, have been examined as “substitutes” for CO2 and have been disproven.

Regarding Antarctic sea ice, deniers note that sea ice is growing, therefore supposedly refuting the claim that the atmosphere is warming. The deniers omit the fact that sea ice is growing because of colder Antarctic ocean currents. Land ice is melting to the tune of 24 cubic miles per year, as measured by gravity sensing satellites. Try to imagine what a cubic mile looks like.

Relative to ice ages cycles, deniers would have us believe the hypothesis of “cyclical behavior” as the “real” cause of climate change (as opposed to the properties of CO2) and produces simple ups and downs as it always has. Not to worry. After all, don’t winter and summer appear alternatively — cold followed by hot, followed by cold, by hot, by cold, etc.?

Humid air and the Jet Stream help to fuel more intense thunderstorms/tornadoes

“The fuel for the more intense storms would be the predicted warming of the Earth caused by the burning of fossil fuels that release greenhouse gases.” A combination of a slower Jet Stream (see video for explanation and study) and a more humid atmosphere increase the likelihood for a more intense thunderstorm environment. This conclusion…

97 Percent of Peer-Reviewed Science Confirms Manmade Global Warming, Consensus Overwhelming

In the most comprehensive study to date, a new survey of over 12,000 peer-reviewed climate science papers has found a 97% consensus in the peer-reviewed literature that humans are causing global warming. http://skepticalscience.com/97-percent-consensus-cook-et-al-2013.html     A paper in the journal Environmental Research Letters yesterday found that the number of scientific papers rejecting the thesis that humans…