Do you have a talk or interesting video you would like to share with the world? If you give us the permission we could share it on the Climate State YouTube channel, and the new Climate State streaming platform.

Our videos are watched by thousands of people around the globe each day, the Climate State YouTube channel is the largest not corporate owned climate change channel on YouTube, and our new streaming service provides another easy to navigate overview with the aim to build a collection of quality content.

Climate State is the leading source for climate change videos since around 2011.

What you get

  • Your submission will potentially be watched by thousands of people.
  • We will use links and video infos you provide in the video descriptions.
  • We will create a thumbnail for your video, unless you provide one.
  • Content will also be announced on our website
  • We send you detailed YouTube or UScreen analytics data if you ask us.

What we look for

Topics we cover include:

  • Climate science lectures
  • Documentaries and feature films
  • Content communicating climate action and climate change issues
  • Extreme weather footage
  • Content footage for potential climate productions, e.g. drone footage of permafrost or glaciers.

Our YouTube content has no advertisements, is freely accessible, content on our streaming platform has no advertisements, and is freely available after sign-up with a trial period.


  • You grant us the right to publish your content submission on our video platforms (YouTube, BitChute, and UScreen).
  • We only publish to YouTube if your content has not yet been published there.
  • We have the right to edit your content, and to use content segments in other Climate State productions.
  • Even though we currently do not run ads on our videos we may do so in the future.
  • You remain the copyright owner of your submission. You keep the right to retract your permissions at any time, after notification to us via climatestate at gmail com we would remove your content within 14 days. However, this would not affect segments we may have used in other videos.
  • We do not share your content, or our communications with 3rd parties, unless required by law.

If you have particular demands please ask us, we may agree to them.

Please contact us with a video link to your content and a permission for usage on our streaming platforms, with a link to this page and that you acknowledge our terms.

Related: You can also publish quality content on Pixabay under public domain terms.