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    Is this site being updated? When I first visited the site, and paid for my premium content, the layout was better, easier to see new content. Now when I visit I see the same old front page, which doesn’t change. Am I missing something? Is there an area that is updated, like I used to see, on a link somewhere? Thanks.

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    Hi David, the site is updated/maintained frequently, but it isn’t always visible. New content includes the German translation (dedicated content). However, there are weeks/month when there are more published posts than others. The last month and probably this one too, will not have a lot of posts. Last month i updated extensively Wikipedia entries, find my contributions here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/Prokaryotes

    Thanks for your feedback on the new site layout, it is the first i received and i will consider it when updating the layout the next time.


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