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    FIREFIGHTERS continue to battle blazes across Victoria, the main ones in the Grampians, Gippsland and the Mallee.

    The Grampians tourist town of Halls Gap, which was evacuated yesterday, although some residents chose to stay and defend their homes.

    Authorities said the threat had ease for now and resident should be able to return home later today.

    A woman’s body was found at her Roses Gap property on Friday morning, although authorities say she died as a result of a medical issue.

    The Grampians fire complex was so intense on Friday it created a 12-kilometre-wide convection column, generating its own weather and lightning strikes and sparking smaller spot fires.

    Lightning strikes started about 25 fires in East Gippsland, which are forecast to form an inferno of half a million hectares that will take a huge effort to control.


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    Yikes! My Nephew just set off on a bike trip through some of these areas! I hope he is staying on top of this rapidly developing situation. Thanks for posting this, prok.

    And congratulations on starting this forum. I hope others find it. I’ll do what I can to promote it. Do you have any strategies in that direction?

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    Thanks wili, though there is no particular strategy atm 🙂

    Generally my plan is to use this forum for gathering information, helping me to organize stuff when studying cc, etc.

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