Climate State productions range from extreme weather event coverage to in-depth features on a broad range of climate topics. Since around 2015 we edited every video on the Climate State channel, ranging from basic audio and video improvements, to extensive edits of footage clips, in combination with a variety of sound, music and text edits.

Today, Climate State is YouTube’s channel with the most videos; providing climate related content, the channel is also the largest climate focus channel by subscribers, not owned by a corporate entity. Visit our special video series to get an idea about our production capabilities.

Over the years our two video channels reached over 20,000,000 million people around the globe. In addition we posted over 1,500 articles to this website, have a proven track record of continued reliable coverage of the spectrum of topics.

Need a state of the art climate change video for your social network? Want to see a special video on our channel, directed by you? Hire the Climate State video editors with almost a decade of experience in publishing and production!

Your own Climate State video

We offer you a feature video production tailored to your needs, e.g. projected climate impacts for your region, starting at 350,00€ 250,00 for our work and related production costs; this includes:

  • Video of up to 3 minutes length
  • Script production, sent to you for approval before we start
  • Professional narration
  • Based on latest available peer-reviewed sciences
  • Video content sourced from public domain sources (we will provide references to every single clip used)
  • Professional fitting sound and music (optional) with the full rights for publications
  • Up to 3 revisions, according to your input
  • Video with your logo, custom message and links
  • Sophisticated animation with Unreal Engine (Example)
  • Exclusive publication on the Climate State channel (optional)
  • Exclusive publication on your YouTube channel only
  • Written permission that you own the video
  • Video thumbnail creation in 1920×1080 resolution
  • Video format 1080p HD
  • Exposure to your social network on our website when we announce the video to our audience

We want to give you full control of the video, do you want 3D animations to help bring a message across, should there be background music, should your logo be on display during the duration of the video?

Watch our latest production – what you can expect (Doesn’t include professional narration)

Please contact us today, we usually get back to you within a working day with more details.


Last updated: June 26, 2019

Prior to project start we require a 50% compensation of the final payable amount upfront, not refundable, payable via Paypal.

In case you want to order a longer production, every additional minute of video length will be compensated with an additional 50,00€.

We keep the right to refuse a production or client, in which case we will refund any prior payments to the Paypal account used for payments within 7 days.


Depending on the topic we may include additional expert footage , or event related footage (including the rights for publication).

Changes to the terms

We keep the right to change these terms at anytime, current agreements will not be affected, the last update notice on top of these terms informs about the current revision.