Media, Political Leaders React to U.S. Paris Climate Exit

A compilation of recent responses to Donald Trump’s announcement from June 1, 2017, to exit the Paris Agreement, signed by 195 nations.

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Globe heaps scorn on Trump for Paris exit

Larsen C likely to create largest Iceberg ever recorded

Antarctic ice rift close to calving, after growing 17km in 6 days References Content: Antarctic ice rift close to calving, after growing 17km in 6 days Larsen C video by British Antarctic Survey Music by Stephen Lu Additional video footage via Related Larsen Ice Shelf Larsen Ice Shelf Meets Open…

Global Average Temperature vs Temperature Extremes

In his March 2017 talk “The Brutal Logic of Climate Change”, at the University of Sheffield, Aaron Thierry outlined many of the aspects of climate change. This video here is the excerpt on temperature anomalies. Watch the full lecture at The emissions pledge pathway negotiated at the Paris conference has a probability of over…

Konrad Steffen: The Melting of Greenland (March 2017)

Konrad Steffen director of the Swiss Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, gave this talk at the event Artico. Ultima Frontiera Summit On Climate Change, Venice (Italy), March 6, 2017, hosted by the University Ca’ Foscari. Event info page Konrad Steffen’s homepage at Colorado University Teaser image mockup, via latest NASA Grace…

Trump motivated by Bannon to exit Paris Deal? And what about the Jobs?

The announcement by the Trump Administration to exit the Paris Climate Agreement, has been attributed to people like Steve Bannon, influencing Trump. And what about jobs and clean energy? References China to invest £292bn in renewable power by 2020 China cementing global dominance of renewable energy and technology Related The Strange History of…

Trump’s Speech to pull U.S. out of Paris Agreement 6/1/17 ✯Uncut White House version✯

In this speech on June 1st 2017, at The White House rose garden President Donald Trump announced to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement, signed by 194 nations to address climate change. Protests outside the White House Subscribe to Climate State for more from Trump and the U.S. on climate For…

The Crux of Climate Change

References Aaron Thierry: The Brutal Logic of Climate Change (March 2017) Climate Documentary: The Cross of the Moment Climate Change in the Arctic and Model Projections (2017) Additional video footage via DistillVideos Additional video footage via Poem by Gary Snyder Music by EdRecords Icicle Melting by Jeffrey Beach (Beachfront Productions)…

Colonization in Space (Climate State Music Video)

An energetic psytrance song, composed around 2013. What if we have to consider space as an option, because climate becomes too disruptive? Related: Stephen Hawking says we must colonise other planets to ensure human survival Video footage via and NASA Space colonization Samples by Isaac Asimov For music by Climate State visit…

How the Food Industry is Cooking the Planet

Based on reporting by the Climate News Network, written by Paul Brown The great climate robbery Video content Keeling curve, among others via Image NASA food production Image algae bloom Additional images and video via Wikipedia and Narration by R. Mossisu Sound effects by and This video…

Climate Data Mysteries, Wonders, and Reality (April 2017)

Speaker: Thomas R. Karl, Independent Scholar and Past Director of the National Climatic Data Center – NOAA (1998-2015). Event 18 April, 2017 – sponsored by The Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS) and the Center for Global Change Science. Climate data comes in a rich variety of quality with varying time and space…

NOAA Forecasts a 2017 Above Normal Atlantic Hurricane Season

Gerry Bell of NOAA gives an update on the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook (typically lasting from June 1 to November 30), and how to prepare for the hurricane season.

More info from NOAA available at:
Hurricane Safety Tips and Resources
Active storm map

NASA Discovers a New Mode of Ice Loss in Greenland (Solitary Wave)

A new NASA study finds that during Greenland’s hottest summers on record, 2010 and 2012, the ice in Rink Glacier on the island’s west coast didn’t just melt faster than usual, it slid through the glacier’s interior in a gigantic wave, like a warmed freezer pop sliding out of its plastic casing. “You could…