Ice Apocalypse

Rapid collapse of Antarctic glaciers could flood coastal cities by the end of this century. Based on an article written by Eric Holthaus. Read the full story

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Experts: Permafrost + Gas Hydrates in Arctic, Greenland SLR, Security

In this panel, Vladimir Romanovsky (University of Alaska Fairbanks), talks about thawing permafrost. Anders Levermann (PIK) 12:30 ,talks about Greenland’s contribution to sea level rise, David Titley (Ret. U.S. Navy Admiral, now Pennsylvania State University) 23:38 , talks about security, with a subsequent panel discussion 33:34 . Video via Earth Institute

Schellnhuber: Unavoidable, Many have to Migrate (~1.4 Billion affected by rising Sea 2060)

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany speaks at the Impacts World 2017 conference. Title: Avoiding the Unmanageable, Managing the Unavoidable: A Slogan Revisited

Watch the full Opening plenary with other speakers

Scientist Alex Gardner explains Climate and Sea Level Rise (Feb 2017)

Earth scientist Alex Gardner reveals a world of rapid change as seen through the eyes of a NASA glaciologist. Glaciers and ice sheets hold massive amounts of freshwater locked up as ice. These stores of freshwater feed water supplies that support millions of people around the world, raise global sea levels, and can even change…

Ocean oxygen falling two to three times faster than predicted

The trend of oxygen falling is about two to three times faster than what we predicted from the decrease of solubility associated with the ocean warming. References Ocean oxygen decline greater than predicted (2017) Ocean Deoxygenation: Our Ocean’s Oxygen Supply & Demand Issue (2015) Low Oxygen Hypoxia in Marine Waters (2016) Image…

Expert explains Future Sea Level Rise (2017)

Eric Rignot (NASA/JPL) one of the world’s most prominent glaciologists, who is behind a landmark report revealing the unstoppable collapse of a large part of Antarctica, gave a lecture at Victoria University of Wellington in February 2017, on future sea level rise. Future sea-level rise from warming of polar ice sheets This video has…

Dynamic deoxygenation within intensified coastal upwelling circulations (September 2016)

September 2016: Professor Andrew Bakun (University of Miami, USA) speaks at Royal Society event Ocean ventilation and deoxygenation in a warming world. Abstract Major deoxygenation commonly takes place in ocean regions that feature particularly intense coastal upwelling circulations. Prominent examples discussed herein include the seasonal Somali Current upwelling, which during the southwest monsoon becomes the…

Biogeochemical regulation: Anoxia in the Past and Present (September 2016)

September 2016: Professor Andrew Watson FRS, (University of Exeter, UK) speaks at Royal Society event Ocean ventilation and deoxygenation in a warming world. Abstract The major biogeochemical cycles which keep the present-day Earth habitable are linked by a network of feedbacks which has led to a broadly stable chemical composition of the oceans and atmosphere…