Remembering Helmut Kohl’s Call for Climate Action (1995)

Today Helmut Kohl died, aged 87, he was chancellor of Germany from 1982 to 1998, and responsible to reunite Germany’s eastern and western parts. Back in 1995 he called for CO2 reductions, at a United Nations conference. Related Helmut Kohl, Chancellor Who Reunited Germany, Dies at 87 German: Der schwarze Riese Release via…

Media, Political Leaders React to U.S. Paris Climate Exit

A compilation of recent responses to Donald Trump’s announcement from June 1, 2017, to exit the Paris Agreement, signed by 195 nations.

Woodrow Wilson Center

FOX and CNN via

Emmanuel Macron

Secular Talk

ABC News


Globe heaps scorn on Trump for Paris exit

Global Average Temperature vs Temperature Extremes

In his March 2017 talk “The Brutal Logic of Climate Change”, at the University of Sheffield, Aaron Thierry outlined many of the aspects of climate change. This video here is the excerpt on temperature anomalies. Watch the full lecture at The emissions pledge pathway negotiated at the Paris conference has a probability of over…

Aaron Thierry: The Brutal Logic of Climate Change (May 2017)

Full length talk that covers the facts of climate change, the urgency with which it needs to be addressed and actions we can take to stop it. Delivered by Dr Aaron Thierry at the University of Sheffield, hosted by the Carbon Neutral University Network. Check out the Carbon Neutral University Network on: Web: Facebook:…

Watch how cities will get flooded with 10 feet sea level rise

Visualisation of sea level rise of 10 feet (3 meters), based on the risk zone map, provided by Climate Central. Current estimates about future sea level rise, consider up to 10 feet already locked in, due to the greenhouse gas emissions we have emitted so far. How fast this will happen is not certain yet.…

Dan Lunt: Past climates and climate sensitivity #DeepTime #Reconstruction #3DEdition

To curiosity-driven scientist Dan Lunt, understanding the past climate of our Earth (from the scorching greenhouse of the mid-Cretaceous, to the frozen wastes of the last ice age) is of fundamental interest. Support more Climate State coverage: Paypal email: Patreon Links for this episode: Watch full lecture Related The 8 Minute…

Wetterchaos in Deutschland Sommer 2016: Hagel, Fluten, Wirbelwinde

Was ist los mit unserem Wetter? Wochenlang richteten die beiden Tiefs „Elvira“ und „Friederike“ gewaltige Schäden an. Winzige Bäche wurden plötzlich zu reißenden Strömen. Mehrere Menschen starben, viele verloren ihre Existenz. Fast täglich bildeten sich neue Gewitterfronten, Tornados schlugen Schneisen der Verwüstung, Hagelstürme vernichteten Ernten. Sind die Unwetter unvermeidbare Naturkatastrophen oder Folgen des Klimawandels?

Extreme floods in Germany devastate another town, Extreme Fluten in Deutschland Juni 2016 #Simbach

02.06.2016 – Den Ort Triftern in Niederbayern und die umliegenden Dörfer hat die aktuelle Flut mit zerstörerischer wucht getroffen. Forscher begründen die zunahme von extrem Niederschlag mit dem Klimawandel. Simbach in Bayern aus der Luft / Lage observation. In NRW droht ein Deich zu bersten. Translation in English.   Related The Louvre Will Close Temporarily…

Another deluge hits frontpage news, this time in Germany

The SPIEGEL is currently covering what is called a Natural Disaster, official eyewitnesses from the natural disaster response describe the flash flood event as unprecedented. Here is some footage, via SPIEGEL, and context in German. Read more coverage from SPIEGEL, of the flood in Germany: Braunsbach nach dem Unwetter: “Chaos, einfach Chaos” Unprecedented, the new norm…