Climate Code Red author and radio host Alex Smith talk about Climate Emergency

Support Climate State on Patreon Donations are welcome (but not required) Wade into the swamp of climate illusions with Australian author David Spratt. Alex Smith on October 17th, 2018, from Radio Ecoshock, interviews Climate Code Red, and What Lies Beneath author David Spratt David Spratt on Twitter Radio Ecoshock on twitter…

Ecological Armageddon! Insects Vanish All over the World

‘Hyperalarming’ study shows massive insect loss! By Ben Guarino from The Washington Post Climate-driven declines in arthropod abundance restructure a rainforest food web Musc and Sound effects by Epic Stock Media Teaser image Narrator Cormac Bren Further reading Professor Timothy Schowalter – Bugs are Friends: Taking an Ecosystem View on…

Most Powerful Person on Earth Doesn’t Believe in Science

Become a Patreon supporter Donations are welcome Sources Trump Says Disqualifying Stupid Stuff About Climate Science: ‘It’ll Change Back’ CNN Trump on climate change: ‘Man-made or not, I mean, there’s something there’ Trailer 2012 VP Mike Pence: “As the president has said, the climate is changing but what the causes…

They Ignore the End of the World Warnings


Secular Talk / The Kyle Kulinski Show: Trump Admin ADMITS Global Temp Will Rise Up To 7 Degrees By 2100 and

CNN Trump on climate change: ‘Man-made or not, I mean, there’s something there’

Trailer 2012

Donald Trump on climate change policy (2015)

Sound Effects Epic Stock Media

Donald Trump’s Incredible Explanation for Climate Change Science

Donald Trump on climate change policy (2015) Stephen Lie-Checks Trump’s Climate Change Claim “The planet is warming, and all hell is breaking loose” @LesleyRStahl : “Do you still think that climate change is a hoax?” Pres. Trump: “Look, I think something’s happening, something’s changing, and it’ll change back again…” Trump’s Speech…

Running during October Summer Heatwave in Berlin

Running during a heatwave affecting parts of Europe, such as Germany, France or even the Arctic for days to weeks. Major heat wave for northern Europe and the Arctic this weekend Sommer-Wetter-Comeback in Deutschland France reached historic temperatures. 🌡️Records de chaleur pour une 2e décade d'octobre ce 12/1030.6°C Montluçon29.4 Nevers28.2 St-Yan27.5 St-Dizier27.4 Strasbourg27.1…

Trump + Others on Hurricane Michael & Climate Change

Donald Trump on Hurricane Michael

Arnold Schwarzenegger says Tremendous Power

Donald Trump with Bill Oreilly on Global Warming

MSNBC on Hurricane Michael and Climate, with Jason Samenow of the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang

Reed Timmer footage via

Intro voice by Kerry Emanuel (MIT).

Mexico Beach is ‘wiped out’ by Hurricane Michael | More Florida cities are smashed

UPDATE Slightly edited re-upload after we received a copyright strike from Live Storm Media LLC for using edited footage from stormchaser Brandon Clement. Hurricane Michael aerial footage compilation | What used to be a gorgeous beach front city now looks like an apocalyptic mess after Hurricane Michael shredded Mexico Beach, Florida. “Mexico Beach was wiped…

The Day After Hurricane Michael TOP 5 Aerial Scenes

Tyndall Air Force Base suffered extreme damage from Hurricane #Michael as it came ashore. Nearly every structure on base suffered roofing damage according to the base commander One of the many scenes of devastation after hurricane #Michael In Panama City, #Florida as residents begin assessing the damage The devastation on #MexicoBeach is beyond…

Hurricane Michael TOP 10 Landfall Storm Footage

The following footage was immediately available during Hurricane Michael’s landfall, the time when this video was assembled and posted. Footage at 7:35 by Aaron Rigsby and or ABC News Reed Timmer Kerry Emanuel on Strong Hurricanes and the Future (2018) Jeff Piotrowski Periscope live feed Ginger Zee / ABC…