San Andreas 2: Will Dwayne The Rock Johnson discover climate earthquakes?

In the 2015 disaster film San Andreas, Dwayne Johnson played Chief Raymond “Ray” Gaines, a Los Angeles Fire Department helicopter-rescue pilot, during a devastating earthquake in Los Angeles. According to Rotten Tomatoes consensus film rating, San Andreas has a great cast and outstanding special effects, but amidst all the senses-shattering destruction, the movie’s characters and…

Louisiana’s 2016 billion-dollar flood disaster

Transcript On August 10, 2016, it started raining in southern parts of the U.S. state of Louisiana, and didn’t stop for seven days. And resulted in catastrophic flooding that submerged thousands of houses and businesses. Many rivers and waterways, particularly the Amite and Comite rivers, reached record levels, and rainfall exceeded 20 inches (51 centimeters)…

The Top 10 Devastating Effects of Climate Change

Support more Climate State coverage: Paypal email: Patreon Transcript 10 Extreme weather Record heat, record drought, record floods, and stormy weather will become more common. The results are broad, affecting food production, the heart of our society, literally all ecosystems, and work or living conditions. 9 Wildfire Are fires affected by climate change?…

Climate Change, Arctic Security and Methane Risks #3DEdition

Over the past year, the climate risks of methane (CH4) released from natural sources have attracted increasing media attention in scientific and media forums as “the Arctic climate threat that nobody’s even talking about yet.”

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Watch Bubbling Alaska Lakes Catch on Fire #Methane

Seeping methane is driving a global warming feedback loop. Some Arctic lakes are starting to look like witches’ cauldrons. The above video shows an increasingly common site in northern latitudes. As global warming heats these areas up, the frozen ground is melting. And when permafrost turns from solid ground to looser mud, it releases gases…

The spread of viruses like Zika and climate change

Climate change is expected to alter the geographic and seasonal distributions of existing vectors and vector-borne diseases [Likely, High Confidence]. Rising temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, and a higher frequency of some extreme weather events associated with climate change will influence the distribution, abundance, and prevalence of infection in the mosquitoes that transmit West Nile virus…

Climate change 25 yrs ago explained by Isaac Asimov and Frederik Pohl

Back in 1991 Isaac Asimov and Frederik Pohl published a nonfiction book about global warming, the environment and the solutions – Our Angry Earth

Listen to the segment on effects of global warming, based on the knowledge known 25 years ago.

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Heat wave, air pollution, mortality, and adaptation, a quick look

While summer currently gears up, during exceptional continued record global warming, temperatures are set to reach the highest so far this summer in many parts of the northern hemisphere – within the next few day’s (Germany, U.S. etc). Here we look at the past 2003 heat wave and what attributed to excess deaths during that extensive heat period…

Extreme floods in Germany devastate another town, Extreme Fluten in Deutschland Juni 2016 #Simbach

02.06.2016 – Den Ort Triftern in Niederbayern und die umliegenden Dörfer hat die aktuelle Flut mit zerstörerischer wucht getroffen. Forscher begründen die zunahme von extrem Niederschlag mit dem Klimawandel. Simbach in Bayern aus der Luft / Lage observation. In NRW droht ein Deich zu bersten. Translation in English.   Related The Louvre Will Close Temporarily…

Another deluge hits frontpage news, this time in Germany

The SPIEGEL is currently covering what is called a Natural Disaster, official eyewitnesses from the natural disaster response describe the flash flood event as unprecedented. Here is some footage, via SPIEGEL, and context in German. Read more coverage from SPIEGEL, of the flood in Germany: Braunsbach nach dem Unwetter: “Chaos, einfach Chaos” Unprecedented, the new norm…