Sea Level Rise, Migration, Security and War

Cornell University – 2017 Climate Change Seminar by Prof. Charles Geisler (Development Sociology). Recorded at Cornell University – February 12, 2018, part of Perspectives on the Climate Change Challenge seminar series.

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Sampling bias in climate–conflict research

Fiji moves 40 villages Inland in light of Rising Seas

Fiji plans to move more than 40 villages to higher ground to escape coastal floods and is also working on ways to help future migrants from other Pacific island nations as sea levels rise, Fiji’s attorney general said.

Glacier calving footage by rqmondo

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EXCERPT: Obama talks Risks to National Security from Climate Change at US Coast Guard Academy 2015

Excerpt from 2015 speech, watch full speech. White House Report: The National Security Implications of a Changing Climate What They’re Saying: Military Leaders Respond to the President’s Call to Battle Climate Change Remarks by the President at the United States Coast Guard Academy Commencement United States Coast Guard Academy New London, Connecticut   Transcript…

Climate stress related migration in Uttarakhand, Bundelkhand and Odisha

Changing Climate, Moving People is a 35-minute film made by The Energy Resource Institute (TERI), for UNESCO, which looks at disaster or climate stress related migration from three different regions in the country – Uttarakhand, Bundelkhand and Odisha. These three states are already amongst the leading sources for internal migration and have been hit by…

Climate-induced migration on the rise

Climate change is not only throwing ecosystems off balance; it is also threatening the livelihoods of many people, which can result in major migrations. But we are currently lacking both reliable data and effective political strategies to deal with these changes, as a conference organized in July 2013 by the Climate Service Center and the…

Earth Under Water – Worldwide Flooding – Global Warming – National Geographic Documentary

Earth Under Water – Worldwide Flooding | National Geographic (2010) Miami, New Orleans and New York City completely under water it’s a very real possibility if sea levels continue to rise. In Earth Under Water we’ll see these events unfold as leading experts forecast how mankind will be impacted if global warming continues. They’ll break down…

Climate change stokes violent reaction

By Tim Radford / Climate News Network An exhaustive study of a wide range of conflicts over thousands of years has found that rising temperatures are inevitably linked to an increase in violence. LONDON, 1 August – Stand by for more violence. As planetary temperatures rise, so does the likelihood of murder, rape and domestic…

Climate Change, Migration and Security in South Asia

South Asia will be among the regions hardest hit by climate change. Higher temperatures, more extreme weather, rising sea levels, increasing cyclonic activity in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, as well as floods in the region’s complex river systems will complicate existing development and poverty reduction initiatives. Coupled with high population density…

Pentagon bracing for public dissent over climate and energy shocks

NSA Prism is motivated in part by fears that environmentally-linked disasters could spur anti-government activism The Guardian: Top secret US National Security Agency (NSA) documents disclosed by the Guardian have shocked the world with revelations of a comprehensive US-based surveillance system with direct access to Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft and other tech giants. New Zealandcourt…

The Fight for Survival as the World Overheats

Journalist and historian in war studies Gwynne Dyer discusses his book “Climate Wars: The Fight for Survival as the World Overheats,” presented by Harvard Book Store. Dyer explores the cultural and political ramifications of climate change, such as dwindling resources, population shifts, natural disasters, epidemics, crashing economies, and political extremism. More lectures at