Sea Level Rise, Migration, Security and War

Cornell University – 2017 Climate Change Seminar by Prof. Charles Geisler (Development Sociology). Recorded at Cornell University – February 12, 2018, part of Perspectives on the Climate Change Challenge seminar series.

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Sampling bias in climate–conflict research

200 years of Global Change 1900-2100 Climate Science History & Projections of IPCC-AR5 2013

Hans Rosling lecture 19 mins – 28 September 2013 200 years of Global Change, Climate Science, History Projections & the IPCC AR5 Report explained Professor Hans Rosling, Karolinska Institutet of Sweden. Edutainer at their mission: “To fight devastating ignorance with a fact-based worldview everyone can understand.” The first public forum for the launch of…

Earth Energy Imbalance

James Hansen explains Earth energy imbalance from anthropogenic forcing and the urgency to act, because of the climate inertia. Earth’s Energy Imbalance By James Hansen, Makiko Sato, Pushker Kharecha and Karina von Schuckmann — January 2012   Deployment of an international array of Argo floats, measuring ocean heat content to a depth of 2000 m,…

Population: Education Leads to Lower Fertility and Increased Prosperity

By Brigid Fitzgerald / Earth Policy Institute first published May 12, 2011. As the world continues to add close to 80 million people each year, high population growth is running up against the limits of our finite planet, threatening global economic and political stability. To stay within the bounds of the earth’s natural resources, the…