If There’s Global Warming … Why Is It So Cold?

It’s that time of year, the perennial “It’s snowing so it can’t be warming” season – or, as scientists call it, “winter”. Depends on where you’re standing, actually — I stood on a frozen lake with Dr. Jeff Masters to discuss the current planetary changes, but at the same time, in Alaska, historic warm temperatures…

NASA’s AIRS Sees Polar Vortex Behind U.S. Big Chill

Published January 2014: The chilling weather phenomenon that hit much of the U.S. in January is explained by scientist Eric Fetzer using data from NASA’s AIRS instrument.

Climate Matters: Weather Systems Stalling

“It seems like the weather, increasingly, is getting stuck.” Meteorologist Paul Douglas explains this weather pattern that seems to be stuck in a rut. Swells, drought and a polar vortex! Learn how it is impacting everywhere from Hawaii/Alaska all the way to Europe. The Winter Olympics may feel more like the Summer Olympics!

Polar Vortex to Collapse and Flood Eastern US With Arctic Air

Robert Scribbler: Well, the forecast is in. And it appears we are about to receive yet another helping of winter weather extremes driven by human caused climate change. ECMWF and NOAA models both show mid and upper level warmth increasing over the polar region. This warmth, over the next week, will invade toward the surface, collapsing the…

White House: The Polar Vortex Explained in 2 Minutes

by Becky Fried | January 08, 2014  | Release URL Here at the White House, while we’re beginning to thaw from this week’s bone-chilling deep freeze, our discussions about the science of weather extremes are heating up. We know that no single weather episode proves or disproves climate change. Climate refers to the patterns observed in the weather…

Yale: Climate, Jetstream and Polar Vortex

Blanket 24/7 media coverage of the short but frigid ‘Polar Vortex’ temperatures — climate change? global warming? — provides a cornucopia of material for this month’s ‘This is Not Cool’ video.

The Science of the Polar Vortex and Jet Stream

At least since around 2001 we have study papers connecting the polar vortex / jet stream behavior to anomalies, such as cold weather outbreaks or precipitation changes. The polar vortex phenomenon was described as early as 1853. In recent years studies linked changes in the cryosphere to the polar vortex. Feel free to suggest further study papers in the comments.…