Climate Emergency, the Radical Plan to Fight the Climate Crisis

Climate emergency, the radical plan to fight climate change to avoid an uncontrollable planetary scale crisis. CREDITS Climate Change is an Existential Threat to Civilization Bill Maher New Rule: Climate Emergency | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) New York City Declares Climate Emergency | Extinction Rebellion The Guardian Corbyn calls on…

YouTuber wegen Klimakrise: Waehlt nicht CDU/SPD/AFD. CDU Reaktion auf Videos: Ignoriert Fakten und Blendet

Rezo hat ein Video zu den Verfehlungen der Regierung, speziell durch die Verantwortung der CDU gepostet, Climate State Bericht dazu. Ein wesentlicher Anteil des fast einstuendingen Videos handelt um die katastrophal verfehlte deutsche Klimapolitik. Die regierenden gefaehrden die Zukunft Deutschland’s, und erkennen dies noch nicht mal, trotz wissenschafltich fundierter Beweislage. Nun haben sich andere hochkaraetige…

Germany still digging Coal in 2018 but is it a Good Idea?

It’s 2018 and Germany is still digging coal. But is this a good idea, since Germany may lose large land masses to rising seas, in part fueled by it’s CO2 emissions. Credits German activists lose bid to halt Hambach mine expansion Climate Expert Jim Hansen explains the Climate Future Sea Level Rise Summary…

Oil Billionaires Profit from Climate Change

Over the next few months, communities around the globe will launch Fossil Free Resolution Campaigns to build a world free from fossil fuels, powered by 100% renewable energy for all. Everyone has a role to play in the #FossilFree movement. It’s a global movement, anchored by local action. Join Us. Video via 350

Michael Mann at Science March “Policy based on Scientific Evidence!”

On Earth Day, April 22, Penn State’s Michael Mann spoke in front of the large crowd of the March For Science in Washington DC. The official March For Science website The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial Is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving Us Crazy