TESLA’s energy independence and climate solution

Elon Musk talks climate and energy solutions, presenting Powerwall 2 and the incredible Solar Roof (October 28, 2016). More https://www.tesla.com/solar and https://www.tesla.com/powerwall Join the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Powerwall 2 is a battery for homes and small businesses that stores the sun’s energy and delivers clean, reliable electricity when the sun isn’t shining. Combine…

Progressive Climate Trance Mix October 2016

Pumping music mix of progressive psytrance. Video descriptions contain buy links for individual tracks. Tristate – Yes To Life ( Drukverdeler & DJ Bim Polished Version ) https://www.beatport.com/track/yes-to-life-drukverdeler-and-dj-bim-polished-remix-version/7986743 Yellow Sunshine Explosion https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2GtOfpraiVytzrB12OVcfA Vibrasphere – Autumn Lights (Mindwave Remix) http://classic.beatport.com/track/autumn-lights-mindwave-remix/6878533 Yellow Sunshine Explosion https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2GtOfpraiVytzrB12OVcfA Lifeforms – Equinox https://www.beatport.com/track/equinox-original-mix/4518299 IONO Music https://www.youtube.com/ionomusic Ellinio & DJ Bim –…

Jim Hansen: Requirement of Negative CO2 Emissions

Young People’s Burden: Requirement of Negative CO2 Emissions, is a publication in Earth System Dynamics Discussion (4 October, 2016), as it is undergoing peer review. We try to make the science transparent to non-scientists. Read full article http://csas.ei.columbia.edu/2016/10/04/young-peoples-burden Publication link http://www.earth-syst-dynam-discuss.net/esd-2016-42 ###Principal Implications### A. Global temperature is already at the level of the Eemian period…

Jim Hansen: Hell Will Break Loose – Ice Melt, Sea Level Rise and Superstorms

The main point that I want to make concerns the threat of irreparable harm, which I feel we have not communicated well enough to people who most need to know, the public and policymakers. I’m not sure how we can do that better, but I comment on it at the end of this transcript. In…

Isaac Asimov’s robot talks climate and energy (1971)

In an essay published in the January issue of Penthouse 1971, of all places, Isaac Asimov made a remarkable estimation of what would be the result of the continued burning of fossil fuels. The title of his essay was The End and in it he tried to estimate when our world civilization would come to…

Kevin Anderson: Delivering on 2 degrees #IPCC #Paris #COP21

As part of the ‘Delivering on 2 degrees’ talks and debate evening organised by the Carbon Neutral University Network, Kevin talks about the Paris Agreement within the background of Climate Science and what is needed to stop global warming at 2C or even 1.5C. Kevin Anderson says that we basically lost the chance to stay…

Regenerating soil holds the key to tackling climate change

The last 14 consecutive months broke the global temperature record. Summer sea ice cover in the Arctic Ocean in 2016 hit a new low, with a staggering 260000 square km below the previous record for June, set in 2010. We’re not doing much to stop this trend: according to Professor Kevin Anderson, one of Britain’s…

Nigel Roulet: Greenhouse gases and Carbon sinks explained #Methane #CO2 #Forest #3DEdition

Climate change and preserving cold carbon (March 24, 2016) Prof. Nigel Roulet, Department of Geography Support more Climate State coverage: Paypal email: donate@ClimateState.com Patreon https://www.patreon.com/ClimateState Synopsis The countries participating in COP21 in Paris, December 2015 agreed to take steps to emissions so that the global mean annual temperature increase would not be more than 2ºC…

Climate Change, Arctic Security and Methane Risks #3DEdition

Over the past year, the climate risks of methane (CH4) released from natural sources have attracted increasing media attention in scientific and media forums as “the Arctic climate threat that nobody’s even talking about yet.”

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Read the news release http://www.thearcticinstitute.org/climate-change-arctic-security-methane-risks/

U.S. and China ratify Paris climate agreement (3D Edition)

Breakthrough as US and China agree to ratify Paris climate deal
Campaigners hail key moment in battle against global warming as presidents Obama and Xi announce deal on eve of G20 summit in Hangzhou

Watch a new Climate State video series made entirely in 3D.

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Global fossil fuel subsidies outpace renewable support #ffsG20

G20 spends $444bn a year to subsidise fossil fuel production Research discovered that G20 country governments’ support to fossil fuel production marries bad economics with potentially disastrous consequences for climate change. In effect, governments are propping up the production of oil, gas and coal, much of which cannot be used if the world is to…