Paul McCartney: Despite Repeated Warnings (Extended Music Video)

Despite Repeated Warnings by Paul McCartney Album: Egypt Station Spotify: ‘Egypt Station’ OUT NOW: Original track: Video source: Paul McCartney Live New York Extras: Paul McCartney on ‘Despite Repeated Warnings’ (‘Words Between The Tracks’) Despite Repeated Warnings Lyrics: Despite repeated warnings Of dangers up ahead The captain won’t be listening…

Short film: They said it couldn’t be done

A Climate State short film. Credits Aaron Thierry: The Logic of Climate Change (March 2017) Video footage via Additional video footage by Teaser photo by Alessio Lin Sound Academy Trailer Epic Stock Media Additional sound effects

Colonization in Space (Climate State Music Video)

An energetic psytrance song, composed around 2013. What if we have to consider space as an option, because climate becomes too disruptive? Related: Stephen Hawking says we must colonise other planets to ensure human survival Video footage via and NASA Space colonization Samples by Isaac Asimov For music by Climate State visit…

Progressive Climate Trance Mix October 2016

Pumping music mix of progressive psytrance. Video descriptions contain buy links for individual tracks. Tristate – Yes To Life ( Drukverdeler & DJ Bim Polished Version ) Yellow Sunshine Explosion Vibrasphere – Autumn Lights (Mindwave Remix) Yellow Sunshine Explosion Lifeforms – Equinox IONO Music Ellinio & DJ Bim –…

“What the Frack” music video by the Earth Guardians

Check it Out! Newly released ~ “WHAT THE FRACK” music video! A huge thank you to Musa at Black Sun Cinema for this artistic creation with these young leaders, educating the world through music about the dangers of Fracking!   Related My generation does give a damn about climate change, says 14-year-old activist