Hurricane Florence may Stress Test Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant

The Brunswick nuclear power plant is a couple of miles near Wilmington, at the Ocean. With model forecasting Hurricane Florence to potentially making landfall near the site.


“Are Coastal Nuclear Power Plants Ready for Sea-Level Rise?”

Brunswick Nuclear Generating Station

The impacts of sea level rise on nuclear power plants

United States During the 1970s and 1980s, when many nuclear reactors were first built, most operators estimated that seas would rise at a slow, constant rate.  During Superstorm Sandy waves came close to reaching the Salem 1 nuclear reactor at Lower Alloways Creek, New Jersey. While it’s not clear how many current plants will still…

BOOM: Oil Price Collapse and why it is Important

I recently mentioned, get out of fossil energy while you still can, when the price for crude was at $64.82. Though, today it has approached $55.84, with many oil guys loosing a fortune, oil billionaire Hamm lost half his fortune in three months. And the New York Times noted, free fall in oil price underscores shift…

World’s Greatest Crime Against Humanity And Nature

By James Hansen: As I peer through Beijing’s impenetrable smog I feel nauseous. I have long been troubled by the injustice of human – made climate change to our children and grandchildren, which may soon constitute a tragedy of epic proportions. Now I stare in the face of another tragedy. Air pollution from coal kills over…