Global warming has stopped? Again??

No, sadly the Mail on Sunday has got it wrong… yet again. Here’s what’s behind the sensational news that global warming ended in 1997, and how it comes from misreporting, misquotes and omissions. SOURCES: Mail on Sunday story:… Met Office release of Hadcrut 4 data:… Met Office response to Mail on Sunday story,…

James Hansen: The Carbon Tax

“I’m very disappointed [California] chose a half-baked system like cap-and-trade, with offsets,” said NASA climatologist James Hansen in a conversation with Climate One host Greg Dalton. He prefers a carbon fee and dividend and, in the absence of a strong carbon price, says the risks of reaching climatic tipping points that could bring catastrophic consequences…

James Hansen: Tipping Points, Carbon Tax and organized Denial

Interview with James Hansen (NASA Goddard Institute) recorded at the UN University G8 symposium on innovation and climate change held 4th July, 2008 Tokyo. Wikipedia: Carbon tax Frontline: Climate of Doubt Answering Climate Change Skeptics, Naomi Oreskes Test trial convicts fossil fuel bosses of ‘ecocide’ Top lawyers put fossil fuel bosses on trial…

ClimateState relaunch!

Welcome to the relaunch of ClimateState!

Mission statement
ClimateState gathers knowledge about the broad spectrum of climate change and tries to help increase understanding and awareness about the threat of dangerous (unchecked) climate change. The scope is to encourage the fast paced deployment of  solutions, i.e. carbon sequestration with Biochar and taxing Co2.