Study: 97% Agree on Global Warming

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The Consensus ProjectQuantifying Anthropogenic Global Warming in the Scientific Literature The Consensus Project / May 16, 2013: Study shows scientists agree humans cause global-warming. About 97 per cent of 4000 international scientific papers analysed in a University of Queensland-led study were rated as endorsing human-caused global warming.

Video: Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Volumes

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Sea Ice Decline 1979-2012Arctic Sea Ice Volume AnomalyPolar Science Center: Monthly averaged ice volume for September 2012 was 3,400 km3 This value is 72% lower than the mean over this period, 80% lower than the maximum in 1979, and 2.0 standard deviations below the 1979-2011 trend. September ice volume was about 800 km3 less than…

“Climate Change Is Real” – Former NY Army Corps Commander John Boulé

5/16/13: At the WNET Sandy town hall, the former commander of the New York District, Army Corps of Engineers, John Boulé warns New Yorkers to stop ignoring climate change and start preparing for higher sea level rise and more frequent and more powerful storms.   Brad Johnson: At a May 16 televised forum on the recovery from Superstorm…

Retrospective look at the Hockey Stick controversy

Especially on topic starting at 34:30 min in. Le professeur Bradley est l’invité du comité de vie scientifique de l’Association étudiante du Centre Eau Terre Environnement (AECETE). Professeur éminent au Département de géosciences et directeur du Climate System Research Center de l’Université du Massachussetts à Amherst (États-Unis), le professeur Bradley étudie les changements climatiques depuis…