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Special offer, for a limited time we offer advertising of 320×250 formats for the extended period of 3 month, instead of one. Reach out to potentially 15.000 to 50.000 visitors.

Advertising formats

We currently offer static and custom banner display for Desktop platforms, which means unlimited amount of views/banner displays for the duration of the banner, unaffected by ad-block – as far we can tell.
728 x 90 Leaderboard, footer or header location on all pages,75€ per month.
320×250 Banner, sidebar on all pages 50€ per month.
Background image visible left and right of all pages, 450€ for the duration of a month.

Advertising space is limited, pricing may change.

Publish your article

Publish your climate/energy/weather/solutions/health article on, 55€ per article (incl. up to two in article links/backlinks). Articles are published based on quality and scope, on a case by case basis.

Website statistics

We receive on average 100-300 visitors each day, with peaks in the five digits. This ratio is dependent on offsite linkage, and newly published articles.






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