What many describe as a stunning revelation … but see for yourself this eye opening company statement from the Australian coal industry.
Published on Feb 28, 2014  via ClimateCrocks

Actors:  Peter McAllum & Will Young via http://www.annewilson.com.au



  • matthew cleary 8 months ago

    3.30 minutes I’ll never get back.

  • George Mokray 8 months ago

    AUSTRALIAN COAL MINING POLICY UPDATE 2014 – corporate honesty at its best (NSFW – a mark of their honesty) http://youtu.be/tqXzAUaTUSc

  • Doris Bracey 9 months ago

    Hilarious. How proud I am of our Aussie humour!!

  • Ian Howard 9 months ago

    Corporate honesty. Brilliant.

  • Adrian Carter 9 months ago

    Finally – Corporate Transparency ;)

    (Note, if this was on TV, the AFLC would have ensured there is an “MA: coarse language” tag applied. I hate spoiling quality black humor – but I guess overseas viewers may not appreciate good old fashion Australian self-deprecation :) )

  • marekbage 9 months ago

    At 1:10 the silver haired bloke says “the company” which is an obvious edit from the original recording. I wonder what corporate name was used before the lawyers stepped in? :-)

  • Wendell Fitzgerald 9 months ago

    CORPORATE POLICY TRANSPARENCY FINALLY AND CLEARLY ARTICULATED This is a surprisingly candid announcement I’m sure you will agree. Thanks to friend +Bill Kauth for sharing it.

  • Vold emort 9 months ago

    The fat one who says fuck you is my dad :)

  • Dimitar Dobrev 9 months ago


  • Erland Howden 9 months ago

    Australian #coal mining policy update 2014

  • Ursula Tischner 9 months ago

    hilarious but unfortunately ….. true

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Refreshing!! Major corporations, especially those that extend an influence globally, have been operating on this premise for decades. It’s time that Australian Coal took the bull by the horns and honestly stated the behaviour. From those business that rape our natural resources to cable companies, big box department and electronic storss, auto manufacturers and their dealer/service networks – hell, to the convenience store on the corner have perfected the “F–ck You” concept beyond imagination. Like lemmings to the sea, we sit back and let it happen! Go figure.

  • Liora C 9 months ago

    Yes – at last – the truth from the mining companies

  • Jan Davis 9 months ago

    Brilliantly done!!

  • Michael Cowley 9 months ago

    Great work, deserves to be seen more widely.

  • Christopher Dean 9 months ago

    important Policy Update as Australia leads the way again….

  • Teri Merlyn 9 months ago

    Fucking Brilliant Snapping Synapses!

  • Eric FAÏSSE 9 months ago

    #FY la qu’il vous faut investissez les yeux fermés….

  • Marcel Kuil 9 months ago

    The companys new policy of…*FUCK YOU!* (01:12 minute to end)

  • Yannis Nikolakopoulos 9 months ago
  • Graeme Waymark 9 months ago

    This is why satire exists; anyone can take it as humorous, witty,
    diabolical, perverse, the truth, a lie, propaganda, marketing, – anything
    one wants except for one thing: there are no FACTS to debate. There are
    no facts. This is about probability, cause and effect, emotion and even to
    an extent ideology but not about culture, religion, gender, age or
    political preferences. This is even NOT about entrepreneurship or
    capitalism, communism or unfettered control – it is only about corporate
    values versus humane values. It is about TRUTH versus the other stuff – the
    stuff of satire. One can make what one wants of it, walk away from it
    disgusted or enlightened or 1/2 way in between. One cannot walk away making
    a judgment. I love it for what it is and for what it provokes. In
    conclusion, I would say that ‘what it provokes’ is, in the final analysis,
    going to prove the worth of this satire as an instrument to promote
    awareness in people and everyone of us has a different type and level of
    awareness that needs to be addressed. I for one found mine. Thank you
    whoever made this piece and promotes it.

  • Doug Alder 9 months ago

    At last some truthiness from a coal company

  • Mac Cam 9 months ago

    Truth in Advertising… should be more of it.

  • Andrew Olmstead 9 months ago

    She mentioned something about the gap…it was right between her eyes the
    entire time.

  • consuelo sartori 9 months ago

    Genius! Deserve to be shared widely ; D

  • Freesixty Noscope 9 months ago

    fish eyes

  • Tristam Sculthorpe 9 months ago

    I doubt any sociopath on the planet could have expressed it any better.
    Unless they are stopped and we change our ways, the only satisfaction that
    we will have is when rising sea engulf the last of their private islands
    and sea front real estate. That will include ALL of their real estate in
    any city within 330′ elevation of present sea levels.

  • toby semler 9 months ago

    I can’t believe that this has less than 3,000 views. Come on people, this
    is genius. Get behind it!

  • rosiepyett 9 months ago

    Classic. Please share widely. It deserves to be seen.

  • Kim Lang 9 months ago

    Policy we can all get behind

  • Lachlan McKenzie 9 months ago

    Just Brilliant!!!
    Normally I do not like use of expletives but in this case the use is extremely apt!!!

  • william young 9 months ago

    Good to get a laugh at the expense of the corporate crooks polluting Planet Earth…

  • John Wood 9 months ago


  • toby semler 9 months ago

    Aussie Coal FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IPlayPianoInMyPjs 9 months ago

    Excellent video.