CNN asks: Why are we still debating climate change?


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  • Chris L 1 year ago

    My Father’s punishments have begun and the world will witness many more
    ecological upheavals
    Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 @ 15:52
    My dearly beloved daughter, it is a mistake to believe that God would not
    mete out His Justice in the world at this time. My Father’s punishments
    have begun and the world will witness many more ecological upheavals as the
    purification of the Earth begins.
    The preparations are now underway and soon the enemies of God will be
    weeded out and punished, for they will never turn and ask for My Mercy. My
    Father’s Anger is great and woe to those who defy the Word of God, for they
    will be felled and trampled upon, as the final cleansing of the Earth will
    clash with the infestation of the evil one – all at the same time.
    When you see nature’s elements react fiercely, you will know that the Hand
    of Justice has fallen. The pride of man, his self-obsession and his belief
    in his own flawed intelligence in spiritual matters, have brought upon the
    human race the outpouring of fire from the four bowls upon the four corners
    of the Earth.

    You have ignored the warnings and so the battle to destroy sin has well and
    truly commenced.

    Jesus Christ
    Son of Man
    * * *
    God the Father: I Am coming to gather the faithful. My Time is soon, as My
    Son’s Mercy is almost upon you
    Monday, January 13th, 2014 @ 16:56
    I Am God the Father. I Am Who Am. I Am your Creator – the Alpha and the
    My dearest daughter, hear Me as I announce that My Intervention to prevent
    the destruction of the human race is about to take place.
    When you hear no evil – that does not mean it does not exist. There is a
    wicked act being planned to incur war, with the sole objective being to
    destroy as many people as possible. Man’s capacity to enact evil deeds
    against My children has never been greater. Man’s ability to produce
    technology has never been greater, but this knowledge is being abused on a
    large scale and plans to control every part of your lives are at an
    advanced stage.
    They, My enemies, want to control what you eat, drink and all that you do
    to promote the Truth, as I have given you. Until the day that they are in
    control of your countries, your finances and your health, they will not
    rest. While these plans are to become evident, they will also take over all
    religions. Because so many people do not believe in My Existence, there
    will be little opposition to their devious plan to steal souls from Me.
    When man believes that he can defy God, then he does not really know Who I
    Am. If he does not know Who I Am, then he knows nothing. His heart has been
    hardened, his intellect dulled and his soul made leaden.
    He who removes himself from Me, is lost. He who fights against Me, with the
    intent to steal the souls of My children, is dead to Me and his destiny
    I will intervene now to stop this terrible, wicked atrocity from being
    perpetrated. Then when I Am done, I will open your eyes, tug at your hearts
    and fill you with wonder. Soon I will reveal the Truth, because so many of
    you no longer believe in it.
    I Am all that is, and will be. I Am your Father, All-Knowing, All-Seeing,
    All-Love and All-Mercy. I Am coming to gather the faithful. My Time is
    soon, as My Son’s Mercy is almost upon you.

    Your beloved Father
    God the Most High

    URGENT Divine Messages/prophecies from The Warning Second

  • Jesus Morales 1 year ago

    lets assume that we aren’t responsible or that it’s not happening.
    what’s wrong with protecting nature?

  • Resurrection 1 year ago

    Hi I’m Scotty. I can control climate change help me save this planet before
    it’s to late.?? This idea will change the way you think about the world;).
    the world spins in a free atmosphere and takes balance for it to flow
    China uses massive amounts of steel and concrete to build its
    infrastructure. And we ship all our scrap there.;(( It’s causing a
    imbalance in our atmosphere. And is causing gravity to force climate change
    !!! If we balance the weight on the planet it will calm the planet down and
    storms will stop.!!!
    Please help me prove it. The idea is worth trillions and endless frame.;)))
    And can be proven easily for In a computer simulation. Like putting a tire
    on a balancing machine. It’s that simple trust me.
    Ps the reason I know this is just as important as the discovery please help
    me bring peace to this planet;))
    Contact me.
    O this imbalance is real it caused the deterioration of the layer that
    protects us from space and meteorites come in to wipe out what ever the
    virus is on the planet at the time. Like the DINOSAURS. Think aboot it.
    Call if you want

  • Ken Shackleton 1 year ago

    As a fellow Canadian…..I find Ted Cruz to be a fucking embarrassment.

  • ClimateState 1 year ago