It’s that time of year, the perennial “It’s snowing so it can’t be warming” season – or, as scientists call it, “winter”. Depends on where you’re standing, actually — I stood on a frozen lake with Dr. Jeff Masters to discuss the current planetary changes, but at the same time, in Alaska, historic warm temperatures were unfolding, and across the west, the deepest drought in decades…



  • Juuso Vilmunen 1 year ago

    If There’s Global Warming … Why Is It So Cold? #agw #climatechange

  • Michael Leavitt 1 year ago

    *This Is Not Cool*

  • citizenwangpeng 1 year ago

    My take on those who write on this page that they think climate change is a
    lie or something like that is that they seem not to either understand or
    acknowledge basic statistical measures of dispersion. They seem not to
    understand what a global average is and what outliers are.

  • Armahx 1 year ago

    Here it is a week later and California is getting dumped on, how about that
    the climate is changing.
    I like how they show the arctic and Siberia in yellows and reds as if it’s
    70 degrees up there, it may be a few degrees above normal but still 5 below
    zero or whatever.

  • usagill 1 year ago

    Global Warming, LOL. It is called weather and most of these
    pseudo-scientists are schmucks. When will they stop the scam. California is
    going to be a desert. LOL

  • Olucatei 1 year ago

    The jet stream looks to have gone from buzzed Bessel function to hammered
    sine function. We should probably close out its tab, but I like driving and
    eating. I especially like eating.