Published on Sep 28, 2013

“Last Hours” is the first in a series of short films that explore the perils of climate change and the solutions to avert climate disaster. Each subsequent film will highlight fact-based challenges facing the human race, and offer solutions to ameliorate these crises. The initial short film series will culminate in a feature film to be presented prior to COP21, the 2015 UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris.

An asset for the climate change movement, “Last Hours” will be disseminated globally to awaken modern culture worldwide about the various dangers associated with climate change.

“Last Hours” describes a science-based climate scenario where a tipping point to runaway climate change is triggered by massive releases of frozen methane. Methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, has already started to percolate into the open seas and atmosphere from methane hydrate deposits beneath melting arctic ice, from the warming northern-hemisphere tundra, and from worldwide continental-shelf undersea methane clathrate pools.

Burning fossil fuels release carbon that, principally through greenhouse effect, heat the atmosphere and the seas. This is happening most rapidly at the polar extremes, and this heating has already begun the process of releasing methane. If we do not begin to significantly curtail the use of carbon-based fossil fuels, this freed methane threatens to radically accelerate the speed of global warming, potentially producing a disaster beyond the ability of the human species to adapt.

This first video is designed to awaken people to the fact that the earth has experienced five major extinctions in the deep geologic past — times when more than half of all life on earth vanished — and that we are now entering a sixth extinction. Industrial civilization with its production of greenhouse gases has the ability to trigger a mass extinction; in the extreme, it could threaten not just human civilization, but the very existence of human life on this planet.

The world community and global citizens urgently need to chart a path forward that greatly reduces green house gas emissions. To take action and follow the pathway to solutions to the climate crisis, you can explore this website and you can also sign-up for future updates. Thank you.

“Last Hours” is presented and narrated by Thom Hartmann and directed by Leila Conners. Executive Producers are George DiCaprio and Earl Katz. Last Hours is produced by Mathew Schmid of Tree Media Foundation, and was written by Thom Hartmann, Sam Sacks, and Leila Conners. Music is composed and performed by Francesco Lupica.

Peter Sinclair notes: Thom Hartmann has produced a pretty scary, but rather accurate, piece here.

I’ve been thinking about the fine line between creating a sense of urgency vs a sense of hopelessness. There a natural urge among some folks to cut right to the “hopeless” phase, without actually wanting to do something about the problem.

There’s a lot of internet chatter about imminent doom for human civilization.  And yes, I’m talking about you, Guy MacPherson.
This is, first of all, incorrect. Secondly, not helpful.
Even the worst case scenarios in the fossil record played out over millennia, and  the experts I’ve talked to are pretty clear that no one, or at least very few, are expecting any kind of catastrophic single event in the coming few decades.
Important to remember that projected climate change impacts are a bell curve, as Stephen Schneider used to say, with “good for you” at one end, and “end of the world” on the other.  Both those extremes are the most unlikely scenarios – but there’s a whole lot of that curve on this side of “end of the world” that we would still very much not like to see happen.

Planet Earth is going to take a hit in the coming century. It falls mainly to the generation of human beings currently alive to decide if that’s going to be a 5 percent hit, a 50 percent hit, or a 90 percent hit. URL




  • Uhemai Notmeh 1 year ago

    #climatechange Last Warning , Last Hours….your worst nightmares may
    became a reality IN YOUR LIFETIME !!!

  • James Schuetze 1 year ago

    In case you missed it. It won’t miss You !!!

  • Karen Strong 1 year ago

    Thank you for these thought provoking videos … We all need to know these
    things … I am telling everyone I know to investigate these articles … I
    know truth when I hear it … What we are doing in the name of progress is
    nothing short of criminal … And beyond sad …

  • AmazingApe 1 year ago

    Nobody is going to do anything to “curb carbon emissions” unfortunately.
    Humanity is facing something new here, our collective IQ is not high enough
    to solve this, so Nature is going to fix this problem for us.
    There will be no soft landing; we’re passengers on a giant jetliner that’s
    in a nosedive with all four engines cranked up to take-off power.

  • Jason Richards 1 year ago

    There is a comment below that says voting Democrat will solve the problem.
    I don’t think you really understand the problem. The answer to any problem
    is rarely government.

  • grizzlewolf brown 1 year ago

    humans can’t go extinct anymore; not by natural causes: worst case
    scenarios many die, and survivors live in bunkers powered by nuclear
    energy. Only a second stupid, sorry, cold war turned hot could cause
    extinction. As for the other life forms, well that’s the real issue.

  • Joe Parente 1 year ago

    Sorry to say this, but it’s already too late.

  • RemyMill 1 year ago

    Possessions, Jobs, and Money-or Life, for you, your friends, your family,
    and future generations? You choose whichever one is more important people.
    We are the only ones who can stop this; it starts with us,

  • Inge Scott 1 year ago

    Are we willing to change our behavior or face the consequences???

  • Gunston Lake 1 year ago

    The human species is here for a good time; not for a long time. It is 100%
    certain we will become extinct sometime in the future. Cockroaches and ants
    will continue on, long after we’ve all perished. No doubt, there will be a
    pod drifting somewhere in outer space containing the frozen remains of the
    world’s richest man. All the money in the world will not buy our survival.
    All the money in the world is actually just down payments for our hastened

  • Cian Curran 1 year ago

    it just dawned on me.. the global economic system would die if it lost its
    rights to extract petroleum (futures markets), and is not going to kill
    itself. its just not.

    since a cessation of industrial activity would remove dimming, it wouldn’t
    do any good anyway.

    we’re not going to stop pushing. climate change is not going to stop
    accelerating, and the biosphere will not stop collapsing.

    we need to begin, individually and in our own time, to accept this.

  • Robert Pollard 1 year ago

    One of the best vids I have ever seen.

  • Grant T B 1 year ago

    One of the best vids I have ever seen.

  • louis stalker 1 year ago

    google ARTIC NEWS for more info.

  • artoffacts101 1 year ago

    don’t worry Vierotchka,even then I still wouldn’t eat you,by that time we
    will be enlighten to a higher conscious one way or another

  • J Meiring Borcherds 1 year ago

    Very interesting and informative video…

  • PentaMaker 1 year ago

    This is a message to both radical sides of the argument. How about you
    stop watching these types of videos which try get you in trans with this
    weird music and finally for once listen what the climatologists have
    actually to say.

  • OceanicEstate 1 year ago

    It’s possibly too late to correct these issues, 400 ppm Co2 is a death
    sentence if we do not pump it out within 50 years. However if we stop
    burning CO2 now it will avoid runaway just barely but we would still end up
    with massive sea level rises and droughts.

  • Aleque 1 year ago

    All I hear is “blablabla”.. only talk. No action.

  • Alex S 1 year ago

    We need to frame this as “Humans are killing themselves” in order for
    people to act. This helps to end the “pansy environmentalist” narrative
    capitalists continue to perpetuate. Even a selfish person wants to
    prevent their own death.

  • MarkMc03 1 year ago

    My only concern with this film is that illustrations showing the current
    configuration of continents existing at the time of the great Permian
    extinction undermines the film’s scientific credibility. I understand,
    however, that most people looking at an image of Pangea, the supercontinent
    which existed at that geologic time would not necessarily associate it with
    the world as we know it, but they could have superimposed the continents’
    traced familiar shapes in order to make that point.

    This is too important a matter to quibble over something as minor as this,
    but given the vehemence of the opposition, I’d hate to give them something
    as simple and obvious as that to point to.

  • energyquicksand 1 year ago

    This is the ultimate human IQ test! Are we going to get a failing grade?
    The price will be high, indeed.

  • Citizens Climate Lobby Bangladesh 1 year ago

    This is the most urgent message!! Be aware now!!

  • Santimvah 1 year ago

    The collapse in sea ice is the result of a vicious cycle of sea ice retreat, exposure of more water to warming, and further melt. This cycle became apparent, when the observed sea ice extent started to deviate from the IPCC models from 2007 which projected the sea ice lasting into the next century.

    See this graphic: “Observed and Projected Arctic September Sea-Ice extent” based on IPCC AR4

    The sea ice retreat is already having an effect on the world climate system, as witness the increase of climate extremes over the past decade. The way this happens is explained in this video: A New Climate State: Arctic Sea Ice 2012 by Yale Climate Forum.

    Note the ending from Dr Francis of Rutgers University: “The climate system is changing in front of our very eyes. You do not have to be a climate scientist. I like to hope that, if there is a silver lining in all of this, it is helping people to wake up and realise this is a big problem. It is happening now. It’s not happening generations from now. And we need to start doing something about it.”

    The speed of this change is very alarming. Look at this graph of sea ice volume, showing a trend to ZERO for September 2015 – a month of ice-free Arctic Ocean: PIOMASS Exponential Trend (Ziang & Rothreek 2007)
    Info from Arctic Methane Emergency Group – Arctic Sea Ice – Methane Release – Planetary Emergency – Sea ice crashes – AMEG was right

    ‘We’re F#cked!’ Conceptualising Catastrophe July 13, 2013
    The inspiration for this came from Stephen Emmott’s recent sell-out play 10 Billion. At the end of the play, having reviewed the different ways in which humanity has altered Earth’s climate, the Oxford professor (and expert in complex natural systems) states ‘I think we’re already fucked’. This is a sentiment that has been surfaced by others, including US geophysicist Brad Werner in a conference paper last year. Indeed, short of the expletive, the theme of humanity’s suicidal trajectory in the Anthropocene has been highlighted by writers such as Clive Hamilton, Mark Lynas and George Monbiot. This has been reinforced with increasing urgency by scientists around the world, with US climate scientist James Hansen this week publishing a paper highlighting that ‘conceivable levels of human-made climate forcing could yield the low-end runaway greenhouse effect’ including ‘out-of-control amplifying feedbacks such as ice sheet disintegration and melting of methane hydrates’.

    On carbon transport and fate in the East Siberian Arctic land–shelf–atmosphere system (2012)
    Igor P Semiletov, Natalia E Shakhova, Valentin I Sergienko, Irina I Pipko, and Oleg V Dudarev.

    Assessing ‘‘Dangerous Climate Change’’: Required Reduction of Carbon Emissions to Protect Young People, Future Generations and Nature by James Hansen et al. May 2013
    “Methane hydrates – methane molecules trapped in frozen water
    molecule cages in tundra and on continental shelves – and organic
    matter such as peat locked in frozen soils (permafrost) are likely
    mechanisms in the past hyperthermals, and they provide another
    climate feedback with the potential to amplify global warming if
    large scale thawing occurs [209–210]. Paleoclimate data reveal
    instances of rapid global warming, as much as 5–6C, as a sudden
    additional warming spike during a longer period of gradual
    warming [see Text S1]. The candidates for the carbon injected
    into the climate system during those warmings are methane
    hydrates on continental shelves destabilized by sea floor warming
    [211] and carbon released from frozen soils [212]. As for the
    present, there are reports of methane release from thawing
    permafrost on land [213] and from sea-bed methane hydrate
    deposits [214], but amounts so far are small and the data are
    snapshots that do not prove that there is as yet a temporal increase
    of emissions. ”

    Related on Climate State

  • Brad Vietje 1 year ago

    Great info, and nicely presented.

    Your scientific credibility will be enhanced if you keep the Earth turning
    the correct way, though (@~2:35 and again @ ~2:46). Do you suppose you
    could get Jess & Derek to re-visit those sections?