Published on YouTube Jul 25, 2013: World changing technology developed by experts at The University of Nottingham enables crops to take nitrogen from the air reducing the use of expensive and environmentally damaging fertilisers.



  • Luisa Torres 1 year ago

    Nitrogen video

  • JakePrater8 2 years ago

    Not running out of phosphorus per se, but instead losing it to places that
    it is difficult to recover (groundwater and the ocean). We never run out of
    phosphorus as mass can neither be created or destroyed, just translocated
    or changed in form.

  • TimeForChange 2 years ago
  • Michelle Schott 2 years ago
  • Ed Torres 2 years ago
  • Jon Soderberg 2 years ago

    from what Ive heard we are running out of phosphorus not nitrogen…

  • Vane Fal 2 years ago

    Hearty congratulations, could supercede Nobel winner Haber similarly
    feeding billions for years to come except in a much kinder way? Most worthy
    successor. I hope there will be a version for use by domestic gardeners

  • John Brussee 2 years ago

    fantastic,healty living seems to get better,in world times all people want

  • Josek Torres Funtanet 2 years ago

    wow ! thats awesome ! I will love to keep an eye on this topic. I´ll be
    waiting for data updates :)