Video: Free Market Solution & Emissions Targets
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James Hansen / NASA

Free Market Solution

Climate Change and Free Market Solution
Published on YouTube May 23, 2013
Climate Scientist Hansen Turns Activist, Advocates ‘Fee’ on Carbon Pollution. If you give the money to the public, then it’s not a tax. It’s a fee collected from fossil fuel companies with the money distributed to the public. I would distribute it as an equal amount to every legal resident of the country.

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Kevin Anderson / Tyndall Centre

Why a 2ºC Target?

Emission Targets
Published on YouTube Nov 22, 2012
Kevin Anderson on the Climate Crisis – Why 2.0C target? Real clothes for the Emperor: Facing the challenges of climate change. Kevin Anderson, Professor of Energy and Climate Change, University Manchester.

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  • A Carbon tax would only correct a minor part of the greater species problem. It alone would not assure human survival. At the core of the issue are those external costs not being recognized in pricing. Given the assumption that capital markets are here to stay in one form or the other, the statement can be made as seen in my letter to Paul Krugman (see Blog Tab) that in order for human ecological survival, all external costs need to be measured and priced in up front so as to encourage, discourage, temper, or at the extreme eliminate investment. Also, we must understand; implicit in this assumption is that only government can be in a position to recognize these negative external costs. To the extent that the economics profession has not been an influence on government in this regard, it has now become a large part of the problem.