A dark comedy remix mash-up bonanza about the end of industrial civilization.
Website http://crisisofcivilization.com Facebook :http://www.facebook.com/thecrisisfilm a film by Dean Puckett
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Directed by Dean Puckett
Animations by Lucca Benney
Based on the Book by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed :http://crisisofcivilization.com/book/

Like the book on which it is based, the film consists of seven parts which explore the interconnected dynamic of global crises of Climate Catastrophe; Peak Energy; Peak Food; Economic Instability; International Terrorism; and the Militarization Tendency — with a final section on The Post-Peak World.


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  • We Do Not Need To Spy If There Are No More Secrets
    How To Take Over The World!
    Take Away Corporate and Nation State Power
    Make Hansens 100% private open source carbon dividends with no public-private split. Trade those credits in a new e-currency world wide. Instead of spying, put how much money you got on your phone with no more secrets. This creates the voice for Gaia. This is how you disempower bankers. We can be Gaia’s voice all over the world all at once. The banks know this and exploit our differences against us. We have to take these banks and governments out. They are not going to empower your or your planet. You can forget that nonsense. The earth doesn’t have time for 6 more years of this. So instead of intellectual property, we can have an intellectual commons.
    Cowards Unite! Save Gaia! This is easy! We out number everybody!
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